Changing renewable market drives launch of new fund

  • The Solarion Renewable Fund, targeting $40 million in size, will focus exclusively on medium-scale solar assets in Australia
  • Through the Fund, investors have the opportunity to invest in their chosen medium-scale solar project and receive attractive, regular returns from assets that have a low correlation to the economy
  • The Fund targets 5-year average returns of between 4-6% per annum (net of all fees and expenses) plus a final distribution of 5% at the end of the target investment term


23 November 2020: Solarion Investment Pty Ltd (“Solarion”) has launched a unique investment fund, the Solarion Renewable Fund (“Fund”), to provide investors with access to medium-scale solar assets.

The Fund caters for the rapid shift away from large-scale projects and will be the first in Australia to focus exclusively on medium-scale solar assets.                

Through the Fund, investors have the opportunity to invest into their chosen medium-scale solar asset and receive attractive, regular income. The Fund is targeting 5-year average yields of between 4-6% per annum (net of all fees and expenses) and a final distribution of 5% at the end of the target investment term.                

Graham Pearson, Executive Director of Solarion, said: “Investors are increasingly looking at the renewable energy sector for investment opportunities.”                

“The Solarion Renewable Fund gives investors the opportunity to access medium-scale solar assets and avoid many of the risks and challenges typically associated with large-scale projects.”                

“Medium-scale solar projects have historically been overlooked as investors gravitated towards large-scale solar projects. But with those larger projects now facing considerable risks – particularly in relation to grid connection, capacity constraints, commissioning delays and large decreases in Marginal Loss Factors – medium-scale solar projects have become attractive as they avoid many of these pitfalls plus they are quick to develop and construct, highly scalable, and still generate strong economies of scale. "

Solarion was among the first to develop and construct medium-scale solar assets in Australia and the Fund will initially include five projects that are each 5 MW in size and located in South Australia.

LasmanCitra, CEO of Solarion, said: “This is an exciting time to be launching the Solarion Renewable Fund. Our aim is to fill the gap in medium-scale solar assets in Australia and grow the portfolio to over 200 MW in the next few years.”

The Fund gives wholesale and sophisticated investors access to an asset class that has typically been available exclusively to institutional investors.      

“We are trying to create a better future,” said Lasman. “The Solarion Renewable Fund is our way of offering investors the ability to make a change by combining an investment for a financial return with a positive contribution to local communities and the environment.”

Every medium-scale asset included in the Fund will power approximately 2885 households for a year and save an estimated 11.5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions each year compared to the equivalent coal generation.



For media enquiries or to arrange an interview please contact:

Graham Pearson

Executive Director, Solarion Investment Pty Ltd

Phone: +61 466 631 776                



About Solarion

Solarion is a renewable energy investment manager specifically focused on medium-scale solar assets. Our vision is to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific region, while delivering meaningful environmental benefits and making a difference to people and their local communities.                

About the Solarion Renewable Fund                

The Fund is currently open to wholesale investors. It offers a unique opportunity for investors to gain exposure to medium-scale solar assets and targets an attractive, stable return with low correlation to market conditions.


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The Solarion Renewable Fund (“Fund”) is an unregistered managed investment scheme in the form of an Australian unit trust. The Fund is only available to investors that are wholesale clients as defined in s761G of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

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Withdrawal rights are subject available liquidity and may be delayed or suspended.

The contents of this document are not intended as financial product advice and have been prepared without taking into account your personal circumstances, investment objectives or particular needs. You should read the Information Memorandum for the Fund in full to consider whether an investment is appropriate for you.

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