3 reasons to invest in solar assets

The volatility caused by COVID-19 has caused many investors to reconsider their portfolios and search for a more balanced mix of investments. One asset class that has come under the spotlight is renewable energy. Traditionally seen as a niche investment, renewable energy assets are increasingly becoming mainstream. And it’s easy to see why.

Within a portfolio with a long-term time horizon, an allocation of renewable energy equity can provide investors with a regular income, protection against volatility, diversification benefits and an opportunity to positively contribute to the environment.

In this article, we take a look at three reasons why investors may find solar assets an attractive investment opportunity in the current environment.

1. Stability

Renewable assets are intended to perform in a stable and predictable manner.

Solar assets are designed and constructed for a 30-year life so, once established, there is minimal ongoing operation and maintenance requirements. The fuel source for a solar asset, the sun, is not subject to market volatility and there are well established datasets for making bankable resource forecasts. And, most importantly, renewable energy returns are not impacted by broad economic events in the same way as equities, corporate bonds or real estate are since, by their nature, they provide essential services which are not easily sacrificed in economic downturns.

This all makes renewable energy equity an attractive investment for consistent, stable cash flows.

2. Diversification benefits

More than ever, a resilient diversification strategy is a crucial part of an investment portfolio. An allocation of lower beta renewable infrastructure, particularly during the current period of volatility, can help to protect your capital while still generating a regular income.

Portfolio diversification can prove beneficial in negative market events such as the Global Financial Crisis, when the Australian all ordinaries price index fell by 44% from November 2007 to December 2008, or during the recent COVID-19 downturn when it fell 38% within four weeks between February 2020 and March 2020. 1During this time, there was little impact on renewable energy equity returns with demand for electricity staying stable and high-grade offtake contracts locking in the electricity prices.

COVID-19 has reshaped the investment market for years to come. Other income generating asset classes, such as bonds, are projected to have weak yields and commercial office vacancy rates in Sydney and Melbourne are expected to reach 15%, with forecast rents falling as much as 40% and office values dropping by 30% over the coming years.2

 Incorporating an allocation of renewable energy equity, as part of a holistic portfolio, can provide diversification benefits, deliver regular and stable income, and enhance overall portfolio outcomes.

3. Contribute to the environment and local communities

Sustainable investing has come a long way. Once considered a niche and a way for investors to align their portfolios with their personal values, today, the reality is that investor interests, investment performance, and environment, social and governance (“ESG”) issues are tightly linked.

ESG steers the values of the Solarion Renewable Fund (“Fund”). Through the Fund, Solarion is giving investors the opportunity to use their capital to bring about change – to individuals, communities, businesses, the environment, and even the way energy is generated.

Solarion’s vision is to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy in the AsiaPacific region, while delivering meaningful environmental benefits and making a difference to people and their local communities. To do this, we’re re-shaping the way energy is generated. No longer burdened by having to build large renewable projects covering hundreds of acres of prime land, there is an opportunity to create value through bespoke medium-scale solar assets that generate strong returns while helping local regions.

All of the medium-scale solar projects that are available through the Solarion Renewable Fund must meet Solarion’s core investment criteria ensuring no sensitive land or native vegetation is impacted, local people and businesses are prioritised for work opportunities, and materials are recycled where possible. It’s a small change but combined it makes a big difference for people and for the environment.

Solarion are trying to create a better future and the Fund is its way of offering investors the ability to make a change by combining an investment for a financial return with a positive contribution to the environment and society.


Renewable energy assets are resilient to the impacts caused by COVID-19 and offers a range of benefits to enhance investment portfolios. An investment in this asset class brings stable, consistent yields, diversification benefits to protect against volatility, and the opportunity to positively impact the environment and local communities.

The Solarion Renewable Fund is now making this asset class available to wholesale investors by offering an opportunity to invest via the Fund into their chosen medium scale solar asset and receive attractive, regular returns with a low correlation to economic conditions.

Investing for a sustainable future

Solarion is a renewable energy investment manager specifically focused on mediumscale solar assets that deliver sustainable, attractive returns. Our vision is to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific region, while delivering meaningful environmental benefits and making a difference to people and their local communities.

Solarion recommends that you read through the Information Memorandum once it has been made available by the Trustee of the Fund (especially Section 11 entitled “Risks”) to allow you to make an informed decision before investing in the Fund.



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